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Summoners War Promo Code 2020

COM2USMAANSE : Use this coupon to get 20 L&D Scroll Pieces straightaway. 100 Crystals 3 Mystical Scrolls and 200 energy, so hurry up and grab the reward as soon as possible!

GOGOSWC2019 : Use this promo code to get free gaming items to use during the war.  Which  are very usable during the war. Both existing, as well as new player can redeem this code. However, it is valid only 1 time on any usable account.

CHEER20SWC19UP : This Coupon code can be useful for regular spenders in Summoners War, they will be rewards some extra privileges that are not offered to average players.  This code is only valid for the first 99,000 players.

Summoners War Promo Code 2021

SWMMOCULTURE :  Using this coupon you can get 150 Crystal, 2 Mystical, and 150 energy. This promo code can be applied to various fields in the game.

HOTSWC2018SEA : Use this promo code to receive an extra gold coin.

10OFF : By using this code, user gets 50 Energy points. which are very beneficial in regaining your energy during battle.

2019SWCJPAE5 : Get 100 free Energy Points when you apply this promo code.

ZOCARDSUMMONERS : Use this promo code to get three mystic gold.

BYESEASON9 : Receive FREE elemental scroll packs with this promo code.

SUMMO50 :Get 5 Gold coin by applying this latest Summoners war coupon code 2021.

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2019SWCJPBS1 : Summoners War Black Friday Coupon Code IOS

2019SWCJPAE5 : 100 Energy Summoners War Black Friday Promo Code 2021

SWC2019KR2G8Z : Black Friday Promo Code For Summoners War 2021

SWC2019KR4A8E : Summoners War Black Friday Coupon Exchange

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smon2525 : Summoners War 2019 Black Friday Promo Code

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Miscellaneous Summoners War Coupon Codes

2019SWCJPBS1 : Only available for IOS users. Used to gain extra rewards.

SWC2019KR2G8Z : another useful promo code for summoners war.

HOTSWC2019SEA : Gain new perks with this summoners war promo code.

SWC2019KR4A8E : Used for a coupon exchange.


What Is Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a Strategy based multiplayer online Game from the South Korean game developer. Com2us. Which was initially announced at the electronic entertainment expo in June 2014.

Summoners War Gameplay

The Gameplay is pretty straight forward as well as a little complex. The Game is much more simple because the battle takes place step by step. Complex because there are a lot of units, and each individual has abilities as well as a form of degeneration that become available when the Game reaches (Unit) the maximum level.

To Win, the players have a system of runes that strengthen your army, the possibilities of improving these runes. It is done by constructing and developing our city with many buildings. The Game also includes lots of excellent features to enhance the overall gaming experience (listed below).

Features of Summoners War

  • A large number of locations and the development of their city.
  • Awesome 3D graphics;
  • Auto mode for ease of battle.
  • An advanced pumping system for their warriors, from 1 star to 6.
  • a large number of opponents, 400 species.
  • PVP Mode
  • Player Chat with Various Channels
  • There are guilds, an arena where battles with other players bring glory points.

Summoners War Game Progress

The Game starts at a beautiful remote island soaring in the clouds and beautiful landscape. In this island’s heart, there is a tower, which called the Summoners Tower. The Summoners Tower is where defenders are distributed in case of an attack. Other players and resources are placed.

In summoners Island, there is another most important building called Mana Pond, which is the leading resource of the Game. Both do production through the pond and battles. These two building Summoners Tower and Mana Pond are called Gain Portals. During the Game, you will come across scrolls of summoning. By using these scrolls, you can summon creatures with a random level of stars ( Game level indication ). Usually, scroll summon monsters will be 1 to 3, and with a mystical scroll, it will be from 3 to 5.  But note that all summoned units are at the first level.

The Characters

As the Game is unique and well-developed. The creatures list is not just limited to just attack and defend. There is speed ( how often the unit attacks), the chance of a critical hit, and distributed roles, such as support, tank. And the Game has more than 400 unique monsters.

Game Locations

The Summoners war has dozens of locations and multi-level dungeons. Since the above-ground locations have the main plot, most of the experience is earned there. When we need to transform your monsters into Bosses or other forms, we go to the dungeons. Which are much stronger than their revels in above ground.

Summoners War: Battle

The unique characteristic of the Game is that the game progress is made by step-by-step mode. It doesn’t matter if you use the dungeon or PvP battle arena, both will earn you the same points.

As the Game starts, you can choose 1 to 5 monsters to participate in both one hand or another. you can choose which team will perform in battle. And you can continuously change the squad of fighters.

Creatures in Summoners War

On each Creature, the current level, and green, blue stripes are displayed. In which green indicates life span and blue is the “speed.”  The speed of each Creature can be increase with the help of runes.

Three Elements In Rock-scissors-paper-system

Attributes in Summoners war work through rock-scissors-paper-system. And water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats water. An Archer with level 25 can deliver a strong blow to the fire element. Each unit can have 1 to 3 abilities (Skills). Which can simply reduce the strength of the opponent by giving massive damage. To win the battle, you have to kill all the enemy units in the Game.

Battle Points or Rewards for Battle

If you are fighting a dual match, then the reward is an increase in experience points for monsters. Regardless of who wins the match, all creatures get the same experience posts. You will also obtain the following items.

  • Mana: which is the primary monetary resource in the Game and you may randomly get a certain amount of energy (consumed during the battle),
  • The rune (used to strengthen the Creature),
  • A scroll of summoning ( summon monsters)
  • A summoned monster
  • Crystals (in-game donation currency).

If you defeat monsters in the dungeons, then reward will be the resources needed to awaken the monsters. And in case all of your monsters are dead, you still get mana and experience.

How to get a Monster in Summoners War?

At the start of the Game, your assistant gives you a take to build a summoning portal. And that’s how you summon monster in Summoners War. We will list the type of scrolls below.

  1. Unknown Scroll: summons creatures with a random color and random grade ( level 1 to 3)
  2. Mystical Scroll (3-5 Start): This is a rarely dropped scroll and with a random color, a grade with 3-5 levels.
  3. Mystical Summon: Same as Mystical Scroll, but with 75 crystal ( donation)
  4. Social Summon: very similar to unknown Scroll, but for 100 hearts. Which can be obtained from friends.
  5. Summon Monster: Summon a monster from pieces ( only possible after a level 20 of summoners)

In-Game Purchase

You can purchase some levels of in-game if you want to be the most powerful among the rest. But that isn’t necessary because no one is demanding money and everyone is playing for the fun.


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